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The Limey and the Yank


Their eyes first met as Joanne got off a bus

A whirlwind romance with plenty of fuss

Peter relentlessly pursued the girl of his dreams

And proposed to her on Runneymede amongst the ghosts of Kings


 To the ends of the earth, he chased her down

Tracking her back to her American Hometown

Tired and exhausted he waited anxiously

While she spied him from a pillar very cautiously


Married they were in St. Paul, Minnesota

The Americans turned out in full quota

This Limey soldier became one of the first

To be called a GI bride in reverse


The wedding night was just a blur

With smuggled champagne causing quite a stir

Not much more was recalled that night

Until they woke fully clothed in the morning light


 Wedded bliss with extensive travel

Exotic lands to explore and unravel

Singapore their first destination

They left without hesitation


An added bonus in this foreign land

When Peterkin arrived crinkled and tanned

At first glance Captain Smith mistook

His first son for his local look


Back to England they journeyed again

Joanne detesting travel by plane

She entered the regimented army life

An independent Yankee as a Limey wife


Michelle arrived such a perfect baby

Dainty, delicate and already a lady

Terrorized by her mischievous brother

A fulltime job for their exasperated mother


Desperate to leave the cold and gray

But trying to fit in the English way

She never quite managed the afternoon tea

Because Yanks need their coffee, dont you all see


Another posting somewhere hot

The canny Yank put flying to a stop

An ocean liner her chosen transportation

To see the world and expand her education


Aden was their next destination

Sand, Camels and a battle station

Gun emplacement on the top floor

A way of life accepted by all


No ordinary life beckoned the next one born

As Amanda arrived (in Aden) amidst a sand storm

Her digestive system exposed to sandy debris

Robust and like a tank, she was meant to be


Back to England and little Christopher arrived

Put out to air in fog but survived

More delicate and always the youngest

Whod have thought hed turn out so adventurous?


Singapore stood out more than most

For 5 years of living they could all boast

To have lived in Monsoons and tropical weather

And survived the climate and eco-system together


Early to rise and half day school

No TVs but siestas and days by the pool

Swimming with sharks and learning to ski

Our little boat discovering islands and miles of sea


In true army fashion boarding school eventually came

With a sigh of relief we were all waved off on the train

Joanne never the typical army wife

Went back to teaching to keep busy in her life


Curious I see you ponder

A Yankee teaching English you wonder

Yes, Half of Yorkshire speaks Americanese

And spells night, N-I-T with an added E


They managed to get us all to Universities

And we all came out with various degrees

Entering into professions of our dreams

We have all managed to keep within our means

                                    (well the odd loans here and there)


Four weddings they have successfully celebrated

With Peter only partially inebriated

The Yank/Limey dynasty continues to develop

With 6 grandchildren for their grandparents to envelop


50 years has now gone past

and boy did their love stay steadfast

The Yank and the Limey have remained true

And long may they (that?) continue


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